As the world becomes increasingly more digital nothing remains unphotographed. I began an experiment in 2007 working with Google Earth, screenshots, and Photoshop to take a look at some of the evidence we will be leaving behind as humans. We chop, dig, trench, and dam(n) our way to a brighter tomorrow.

I did not use a camera for this project. In this day and age with the vast amount of data and imagery out there it almost seems unnecessary to actually pick up the camera. I know, I know. You are thinking how can this be a photograph if you did not take it? How can you call this your work? Photography is about more than pointing a camera and choosing an F-stop. Photography is also about choosing what goes in the frame and what stays out. When the entire surface of the Earth has already been photographed by satellite it seems rather odd to pick up a camera, rent an airplane, and rephotograph what has already been done.