In the wake of the post housing boom econmic downturn, this work seems to make so much more sense to me. I started this body of work in 2005 as I watched the housing industry in Albuquqerque grow at an unprecedented rate. The homes went up faster than I could even fathom. I would photograph in an area one week and come back a month later to see a whole different place.

I started this project in response to an Edward Abbey quote I once read, "Growth for the sake of growth, that's the motto of cancer." Abbey was referring to the immese growth that was taking place in the west during his own time. Little if any has changed since then. The building continues at a feverish pace without any regard for the lack of resources necessary to support the kind of population our politicians envision.

What struck me the most while photographing here was the way we are sold this brave new world. The signs were a plenty, advertising a brighter future with a home beneath your feet, yet very little of what I saw and photographed resembled anything promised. Mostly I saw streets devoid of anyone, a SUV in every driveway,and a flat screen on every wall.

Commmunities develop organically. They are not planned, or "master planned", they stem from a group of people who come together over time, who have similiar needs and a responsibility to each other.

I could not have finished this project without the work of Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Joe Deal, Frank Gohlke, and Stephen Shore having such a driving effect.